Friday, April 25, 2008

pollen sucks..

But im working at a new job! Porcupine Tattoo at 231 Norman Ave #311 In Greenpoint Brooklyn! Custom tattoos all the way,so long guidos..

Ive also gotta mention, Albert Cadabras Skull Duggery & Skin Show is so awesome! Wed nights in the fortune cookie cabaret(back room of lucky chengs)..The perfect mix of burlesque,magic and sideshow..for those who dont have real normal houred jobs and can go out on school nights...

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Brief Update..

I went to the opening of the Last Rites Gallery show 2 weeks ago..What an amazing show! Its still up and i Highly recommend it..Getting to see some of the art up close and personal was a real treat and im really amped to paint again..

and i just gotta say this to artists out there who may or may not know..
Guy Aitchison is soooo fucking amazing. i got the chance to talk to him today at the Philadelphia tattoo convention about painting and stuff. wow.see for yourself: HERE . There was a lot of live painting by other awesome ones like Cory Kruger, Jon Clue, Alex Grey, etc...a very long day to say the least. I got to photograph the Enigma (all blue tattooed puzzle piece guy) for my project.. hmmm what else..packed my stuff up for the last day at my job of 6 years...Moving onto a much better custom shop in Greenpoint/Williamsburg area..

So just a quickie sooo tired now..more to come..

Friday, April 4, 2008

getting an early start on my dia de los muertos celebration..making a home made authentic altar, and clay catrinas figures...feeling crafty to say the least. its more or less a little break while i enter the home stretch of my big extravaganza project of 2008, ensuring i dont get burnt out when ill need the energy the most..the next few weeks are going to be ultra hectic, between a possible job move, philly tattoo convention, nyc tattoo convention, 3 more paintings to do, 7 graphic designs due, 1 sticker design due, planning a release party..its chock full of commotion and frustration, but utterly rewarding at the same time. party details and long overdue press release coming soon..