Tuesday, July 31, 2007

painting update

Oh how quickly this summer is going. I have spent soooo much time at coney island this summer, which is one of my favorite places on earth. I was in the mermaid parade last month, at the siren festival 2 weeks ago, at the clowns of coney island burlesque and sideshow last thursday.oh and speaking of clowns and sideshow, i found myself a bunch of new subjects to paint for my portrait series. I got many great reference shots,so stay tuned for a ton of new work in the upcoming months. I also am iffy on doing this skatedeck show i heard about, since im in a flow, and dont really want to stop this portraits of performers series for a different subject.i love oil painting and i have to thank shawn barber for getting me back into it. Im planning a big huge solo show extravaganza for this winter, but this is the last you'll hear of it until all things are in place. also, im going to be choosy about the paintings i decide to show from now until my show, since i want some unseen stuff to be displayed on opening night that hasnt been posted all over the internet.
ok adios for now!

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