Sunday, April 20, 2008

Brief Update..

I went to the opening of the Last Rites Gallery show 2 weeks ago..What an amazing show! Its still up and i Highly recommend it..Getting to see some of the art up close and personal was a real treat and im really amped to paint again..

and i just gotta say this to artists out there who may or may not know..
Guy Aitchison is soooo fucking amazing. i got the chance to talk to him today at the Philadelphia tattoo convention about painting and stuff. wow.see for yourself: HERE . There was a lot of live painting by other awesome ones like Cory Kruger, Jon Clue, Alex Grey, etc...a very long day to say the least. I got to photograph the Enigma (all blue tattooed puzzle piece guy) for my project.. hmmm what else..packed my stuff up for the last day at my job of 6 years...Moving onto a much better custom shop in Greenpoint/Williamsburg area..

So just a quickie sooo tired now..more to come..

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