Monday, June 4, 2007

weekend recap

so heres an interesting story:
so i go into work on saturday only to be bombarded with a video camera, the producer of deal or no deal, and a former contestant who won 675,000.00 ... apparantly the show is doing a 'where are they now' kind of recap on past winners all across the US, spending a day in the life with them. Well, this guy wanted to get tattooed, and the producer did as well. I got stuck tattooing the producer, who wanted- now imagine- a chicked nugget on his forearm, and a little cup of bbq sauce on his bicep so when he folds his arm, the nugget dips into the sauce. Yup. so they went to mcdonalds, and it was one of the most interesting life drawings ive done yet. in fact, one of the weirdest tattoos ive done. And this was all being filmed, interviewed and will be on air and internet tv on NBC this fall. I have pics of the tattoo.. will post soon.

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