Wednesday, June 13, 2007

wrap your brain around this conspiracy theory

Ok, so check it out: i just saw a commercial for some animal planet show about dinosaurs. After much contemplation, i started questioning if dinosaurs really existed. I mean, wheres the real proof? upon tons of google-ing, i found much more evidence that this is a complete fraud on humans than it is an actual possibility. For one, Why are all discoveries made by bone diggers and archeologists, and never by farmers,miners,construction workers, and people who have lived and dug on the land for generations, in other words, never discovered by anyone who wouldnt have finacial stake in the findings. And Native Americans who lived here for thousands of years? and theres no talk of dinosaurs in any other ancient culture? How is it even possible to piece together these "fossils" and come up with a creature, that by sheer practical laws of gravity would not be possible with its abdomen and head larger than the lower half of its body, with a floating tail? I dont know. Google "proof of dinosaurs" and see for yourself. Science even admits to fabricating the bones with plaster, which is ALWAYS on hand at digs, and theres a museum in Philly that admits to using bones from an Iguana to construct a head, since it was lacking one. hmmmmm. something fishy is going on.

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